22 Ways For Teens To Make Money by Gen Y

1. Family. Parents may reward their teenagers if they get good grades.

2. Babysitting. Get paid to watch some cute kid sleeping in front of the television.

3. Tell stories to young children.

4. Elderly care. Care for elderly and gain valuable experience and knowledge from them.

5. Pet Care. Help busy couples to take their pet for a walk.

6. House cleaning like mowning lawns, gardening, raking yards.

7. Sell your old toys, comics, school books on E-bay.

8. Start your own information publishing business.

9. Work in a department store and enjoy employee benefits and discounts.

10. Provide car wash service.

11. Start a face-painting business.

12. “Pooper Scooper” Service

13. Help to tutor children in Maths.

14. Get allowance from parents.

15. Become a lifeguard.

16. Get a job at a summer camp.

17. Help companies to create websites.

18. Create art and crafts and sell them on E-bay.

19. Be a computer guru.

20. Work as a golf caddy.

21. Help to deliver newspaper.

22. Teach piano lessons.


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