AdSense Secrets – Really Or is it Just a Myth

Are there really AdSense secrets or is it just a myth? Depending on your point of view of the word secret the answer to this question is yes and no. If a secret is information that someone else, and a few other people have, then yes there are AdSense secrets. If your view of the word secret is information known by only a select few within an exclusive group totally shut out from everyone else, then the answer is no, there are no AdSense secrets.

The word secret holds certain mysticism, the reason for a quest, that is why whenever we see and read the word secret our mindset changes and we want to know more. Salespeople know this psychological phenomenon and therefore use it very successfully in sales letters. AdSense is big business for many online marketers and there are many more trying to get into the action. Get their slice of the pie so to say, and it is a big pie. Now if you are one of those on a quest for the truth about AdSense and revealing the secret here is the answer. It is simply information that a few people have gathered through testing and experimentation that have been working for them. It is not closed information and everyone has access to it, the difference is when you have access to the latest trends and information.

The first few have the AdSense secrets, and you could try to get it for yourself, you can be the one having the information first, or you can do what you are good at and buy the information from those who are good at finding the AdSense secrets. The internet is a dynamic ever changing field of business, and unless you are comfortable with the clear knowledge that you will not know what will be changing tomorrow this is not the place to be. Many business models are based on the knowledge of what are changing variables and which ones are not. The less the variables the better chance of success for the business once it is established, and it will remain that way for a long time and changes can be monitored and implemented over a longer period of time. The internet is a much more diverse and dynamic business that can change overnight. Just look at what a simple Google dance does to sites and income.

A while back there was a crackdown on squeeze pages and AdWords click costs went through the roof for some and others suddenly found themselves making more money that they expected. The point of all this is that if you are or want to be a internet marketer you need to have a lot of information on your fingertips as quickly as possible to ensure your success. You can try to do all of this yourself, in which case you will end up needing at least forty hours in every twenty four hour day, or you can specialize in one of the multitude of variables, become an expert in that field and be the first to have that secret. Publish your report or ebook with the latest information and others will buy your information.

The information you do not specialize in you buy from other marketers who are specialists in this field. There are really no secrets in internet marketing, and everyone has access to all information, it is about what you decide to specialize in, and others are specialists in, and having all this information at your fingertips that will insure your success as all round successful internet marketer. As for AdSense secrets, yes there are new secrets, or should we just call it newly updated information that will increase your click through rate and your AdSense income. The trick is just finding it in time to make the information work for you.

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